Hardwood Floors Refinisher in Chicago, IL




Hiring a Chicago hardwood flooring refinishing expert can lead to impressive floors, no matter their age. Call Midwest Hardwood Flooring to learn what to expect.

 If you are trying to improve the interior of your house in Chicago, hardwood flooring refinishing should be your first step. Midwest Hardwood Flooring can show you how to make your floor look practically new again, saving you the money that you would likely spend getting an entirely new surface. 

 Some of our most common services include stripping, sanding, and restaining floors that need some work. Trying to do the job on your own may lead to you damaging the floor, so we advise you to leave it to the experts. We have years of experience restoring old floors to their original beauty, and we will let you know whether we advise you to refinish or start over with a new floor to get the look you want. You probably do not need the entire floor refinished, so we can always simply focus on repairing the parts that get the most traffic, sunlight, or dust over time. You will be shocked by how smooth, shiny, and elegant the surface will be, bringing out its natural splendor within hours. If you are looking for a Chicago hardwood flooring refinishing professional, look no further than Midwest Hardwood Flooring. Call us today to find out how we can help you.


 We offer a variety of refinishing services, including:


          • Custom stripping and restaining

          Sanding and refinishing

          Custom refinishing of antique wood floor planks

          Oil and water base finishes

          Dust Free

          Refinish high-traffic areas and areas that get direct sun exposure


There’s no need to replace your wood floors – have them refinished by our experts. Call us today, and we’ll take a look at your wood floor refinishing options and give you an estimate on your personalized solution.